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Pride and Prejudice

It took a while, thanks to study for Exams, but after some careful Consideration of the text I think I have a better idea of what in Love and Freindship is a Parody of Diction and what is Not. Spelling I’m a little less sure of, but that’s what you get from old books—and old teenager’s notebooks no less so.

The completeness of the stories varies considerably: the titular Love and Freindship successfully relays how its narrator, Laura, was tragically “Deceived in Freindship and Betrayed in Love,” while The History of England does indeed give the “partial, prejudiced, and ignorant” account of the period from Henry IV to Charles I that it promises, some like Lesley Castle (the “unfinished novel in letters”) I would really have liked there to be more of as it didn’t have time to develop its quite a large number of individual plot lines. In fact most of the collection is made up of (generally rather satirical) letters; I recommend it even if the format was rather unfamiliar.

I was actually giving some thought to how a similar medium would work in a modern setting: because the logistics of postage do not even remotely resemble what they used to there doesn’t seem to be a private setting where one person talks for a long time without interruption.

Illness—specifically, needing something to read in bed while unable to sleep, when I had previously intended to pick up a physical book for once—changed my plans and I went for Pride and Prejudice as the obvious follow-up (aren’t out-of-copyright books wonderful?) In the context of what I had only just finished reading I found that it was a lot funnier than I expected; I had tried reading the first chapter or so a while ago and hadn’t stuck with it.

I do have one thing I want to say about it. The book is supposedly about not judging based on first impressions, taking another look etc: in the central case of Mr Darcy, however, I would suggest that at least a little bit of Elizabeth’s change of perspective must come from his changing his ways a bit. I mean seriously, he’s a right stuck-up git when he first appears.


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