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I finished Shadow and Claw the other day. The protagonist didn’t describe any more executions in the part that I hadn’t read, which was frankly a relief. It was also quite definitely clear as it finished that it made up only the first two parts of a series, although I didn’t mind how it ended. There is a certain mystery element of books that I like, both explicit and implicit, and trying to solve this one was certainly engaging. I will definitely have to hunt down later volumes at some point. I don’t really do star reviews, generally giving things fours or fives if I like them, or not at all if I don’t, but while not perfect I did quite like it.

Sunshine by Robin McKinley is the first of the Women in Sci-fi and Fantasy Humble Bundle books that I have started. Strictly superficially it gains points for having ebook page numbers, but on the other hand its default font size is strangely small (obviously, this is easily dealt with).

The book description describes the titular protagonist being captured by vampires and imprisoned as taunting bait/food for another vampire, also imprisoned by the same gang. I had actually expected this part of the novel to go on much longer, but it seems like—to avoid many spoilers—much of the story happens after that nightmarish experience. The descriptions, tangents, and exposition are handled masterfully, although I sometimes wonder who Sunshine, writing in the first person, is expositing to—the relationship between narrator and audience was much more fleshed out in Shadow and Claw. Thanks to train adventures, by which I mean they were rather not running when I needed them to, I ended up reading quite a lot today, and I definitely am enjoying it.

In other news: Thanks, Amazon, I did know that Wolf Moon was out, but sadly your email did not include a special 90% off discount for patient fans so alas I will have to wait a fair bit longer.


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